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A slip, trip and fall accident can happen when least expected in Westchester County, resulting in serious harm. If you have been injured in a slip, trip and fall accident, you may be unable to work and wondering how you will support your family. At Fiedler Deutsch, LLP, our lawyers have significant experience representing individuals who have been seriously injured due to a property owner’s negligence. Discuss your rights with a highly skilled Westchester County slip, trip and fall injury lawyer by calling (914) 993-0393 to schedule a free consultation

Why Choose Us for Your Slip, Trip and Fall Case? 

How a Slip, Trip and Fall Lawyer Can Help Your Case

Immediately after a slip, trip and fall accident, the top priority is your health and focusing on your recovery. The next concern is collecting evidence to support your Westchester accident claim. Proving a slip, trip and fall case in court is not easy. There are complicated laws in New York that establish when a property owner is responsible for an injury suffered on their premises. Demonstrating liability will require an extensive knowledge of the applicable laws, as well as the type of evidence needed to build your case. A Westchester County lawyer who handles slip, trip and fall injury cases will know what to look for, will interview witnesses and make sure your injuries are well documented. Premises owners will likely defend themselves by alleging that you are partially or entirely at fault for your injury. Which is why you need an attorney who will aggressively fight on your behalf. 

How to Prove a Slip, Trip and Fall Case in Westchester County

The four following elements must be present to demonstrate that a property owner is responsible for the preventable harm that came to you: 

If a property owner can successfully argue that you share some or all of the blame, the amount of compensation you recover can be impacted. Even if you settle outside of court. New York follows the rule of “pure comparative negligence,” which will reduce your compensation by your percentage of fault. For instance, if you are awarded $10,000 and found 20% at fault for your injury, you will only recover $8,000. 

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When you’re injured in a slip, trip and fall accident, the last thing you need is the stress of handling a legal claim on your own. Contact Fiedler Deutsch, LLP  or call (914) 993-0393 for a free consultation in Yonkers, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, White Plains, Peekskill, Rye or anywhere else in New York