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If you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to a construction defect, our Westchester construction defect lawyer is here to represent your rights and recover the compensation you are owed. Contact us for a consultation to discuss your case by calling (914) 993-0393 or contacting us online.

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How a Westchester Construction Defect Lawyer Can Help

A Westchester construction defect lawyer will conduct a thorough investigation, collaborate with construction and engineering experts to identify and document the defects that led to the injury, and gather evidence such as construction plans and inspection reports. With a deep understanding of construction and personal injury laws, they can determine liability and build a solid case on your behalf to ensure the wrongful party is held accountable.

Common Causes Construction Defect Cases

Several common causes of construction defects that can result in personal injuries include:

Poor Workmanship

Inadequate construction practices, such as improper installation of structural elements, roofing, or siding, can lead to defects that compromise the safety of the construction.

Design Flaws

Errors in the initial design phase, including miscalculations, omissions, or inadequate planning, can result in structural defects that pose risks of collapse or failure.

Substandard Materials

The use of low-quality or defective materials in construction, whether intentional or due to oversight, can lead to issues such as weakened structures, faulty wiring, or compromised foundations.

Inadequate Site Preparation

Neglecting proper site preparation, including soil analysis and grading, can result in unstable foundations or land movements that contribute to construction defects and accidents.

Faulty Construction Processes

Flaws in construction processes, such as poor welding, inaccurate measurements, or improper installation of plumbing or electrical systems, can create hazardous conditions.

Lack of Supervision and Oversight

Inadequate supervision and oversight during the construction process may lead to errors, oversights, or shortcuts that result in defects and safety hazards.

Failure to Follow Codes and Standards

Non-compliance with building codes and industry standards.

Water Intrusion

Poor waterproofing or inadequate drainage systems can lead to water intrusion, causing structural damage, mold growth, and slippery surfaces that contribute to accidents.

Who is Liable for an Injury Caused by a Construction Defect?

Determining liability can be complex and must be decided on a case by case basis, but here are a few parties that are commonly held responsible in these claims:

Contractors and Subcontractors

Contractors and subcontractors are often directly responsible for the construction work. If a defect in their workmanship, materials, or construction methods causes an accident resulting in personal injuries, they may be liable.

Architects and Design Professionals

Architects and design professionals play a vital role in creating plans and specifications for construction projects. If a design flaw contributes to a construction defect accident, they may be liable.

Property Developers and Owners

Property developers and owners may be held responsible if they were aware of construction defects but failed to address or disclose them.

Manufacturers of Defective Materials or Products

If a personal injury occurs due to a defect in construction materials or products, the manufacturers of those materials may be liable.

Engineers and Inspectors

Engineers and inspectors are responsible for ensuring that construction projects comply with safety codes and regulations. If their negligence in inspection or oversight leads to construction defects causing personal injuries, they may be liable.

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