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Westchester County Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

A motorcycle accident can happen more easily than standard passenger vehicle accidents. Motorcyclists have to worry about all the same hazards as regular drivers, such as distracted drivers and drunk driving with the added task of paying careful attention to roadway conditions. Roads with defects such as potholes and loose rubble can be more dangerous for motorcyclists than drivers. The elements of the crash itself can also lead to more serious personal injuries.

If you have injuries from a motorcycle accident in Westchester County, New York, contact our attorneys at Fiedler Deutsch, LLP for a free consultation. We are here to help you through the process.

What Makes Us the Right Choice in Westchester County?

Risks Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

In a motorcycle accident, the rider does not have the personal injury protections of passengers inside of a motor vehicle. A motorcyclist typically only has a helmet and his or her clothes to prevent injuries in a crash. Therefore, it is more likely for a motorcyclist to suffer serious injuries than people in a passenger car. Common injuries include lacerations, road rash, soft-tissue injuries, bone fractures, skull fractures, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and internal organ damage.

Why You Need a Westchester County Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Drivers and their insurance providers do not make recovering compensation easy for victims of motorcycle accidents. They want to minimize their liability and save money. If you have a serious injury from a motorcycle accident in Westchester County, protect yourself by hiring an attorney to represent you. An attorney will be able to rival the insurance company’s tactics and make a strong case against a negligent driver for maximum compensation on your behalf. Our lawyers at Fiedler Deutsch, LLP have decades of experience going up against powerful corporations for clients. We can help you achieve positive results for a preventable motorcycle wreck in Yonkers or New Rochelle or elsewhere in Westchester County.

What Are Your Rights as a Motorcycle Accident Victim in Westchester County?

Motorcycles have fewer restrictions when suing for damages than accidents involving cars or trucks. Motorists and passengers in vehicles, who suffer injury are subject to no-fault insurance and must show they sustained a “serious injury” to sue for damages beyond what no-fault insurance covers. However, this is not the case for motorcyclists. Because motorcycles do not have the same no-fault coverage, they can sue a negligent party for damages, even when injuries are not considered serious based on New York’s serious injury threshold.

The lawyers at Fiedler Deutsch, LLP can assist you with both an insurance claim and a Chester County injury lawsuit in Westchester County. We can analyze all of your legal options and help you choose the right one for you. Then, we can stand by your side throughout the claims process to ensure fair and full results. Whether you need us to collect evidence against a negligent driver or negotiate a fair settlement with your own insurance company after a motorcycle accident, we can help.

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