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Westchester County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Although nursing homes are designed to provide the elderly with a high level of care, abuse takes place in these settings more often than it ever should.  If you are a victim or believe that your loved one is suffering abuse in a Westchester County nursing home, contact Fiedler Deutsch, LLP. We can advise you on next steps and discuss your legal options in a free consultation. Message us online or call (914) 993-0393 today. 

Why Choose Our Westchester County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer? 

How a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Can Help 

Being abused or finding out that a loved one is suffering from abuse is devastating. A Westchester County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer understands the importance of finding answers and pursuing accountability. They have a thorough understanding of the relevant laws, as well as the resources to investigate the abuse and gather the evidence needed to prove your claim. An attorney will help ensure your claim is handled fairly and that you or your loved one obtain the compensation you are warranted. 

Types of Nursing Home Abuse and Warning Signs

Nursing home abuse can come in the following various forms: 

Physical Abuse 

Physical abuse is the most apparent form of nursing home abuse and the easiest to identify. It can involve hitting, kicking, biting, punching, pinching, improperly restraining, burning, or any other kind of intentionally inflicted harm. A resident may also be deprived of food or drink, their medication, or be over medicated. 

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is an especially heinous act that involves any non-consensual sexual contact between a nursing home staff member and a resident. 

Emotional Abuse 

Emotional or psychological abuse is prevalent in nursing homes. This form of abuse involves tactics such as bullying or harassing residents, prohibiting social activities, teasing or humiliating, not allowing visitors or time with family, and any use of words or actions to threaten or intimidate a resident. 


Neglect is less obvious and often harder to prove. The caretaker may be intentionally harming the patient, or it may be unintentional, for instance, as a result of understaffing. 

Financial Exploitation

When nursing home employees manipulate elderly residents for financial gain. For instance, convincing a resident to open a new credit card, add the staff member’s name to a banking card, change their will, etc. 

What To Do if You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse in Westchester County

If you are or believe a loved one is in imminent danger, immediately call 911. Otherwise, report nursing home abuse to the New York State Health Department. This can be done by: 





The complaint must be about abuse that has occurred within the past year from the date of your submission. If you provided your contact information, the Centralized Complaint Intake Unit will send you a letter acknowledging they have received your complaint, as well as how it will be handled. In the meantime, document any signs and incidents of abuse. Take photos of injuries or tangible warning signs and gather any records that indicate abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation. Any information you can provide the health department will help further their potential investigation. 

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