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Truck accidents are one of the most catastrophic auto accidents in New York, due to the size and weight disparity between the average large truck and passenger car. In a collision between a car and a truck, the truck will always win. If you or a loved one has life-altering injuries from a truck accident in Orange County, contact our attorneys at Fiedler Deutsch, LLP for a free consultation. Someone may owe you financial compensation.

Why Hire Our Orange County Truck Accident Attorneys?

How a Lawyer Can Help

A commercial truck accident in New York may result in filing a claim against the at-fault truck driver or trucking company if you have injuries that meet the state’s threshold. Although New York is a no-fault state, injured accident victims can file a claim against the at-fault third party if their injuries will cause long-term disabilities, disfigurement or scarring. An attorney can help you with a third-party truck accident case in Orange County.

When going up against someone else’s insurance company, it is important to protect your rights. The insurance company may try to offer a lowball settlement or deny a valid claim in bad faith to save money. With an attorney from Fiedler Deutsch, LLP by your side, you can identify insurance bad faith and fight back with tactics of your own. Our attorneys can handle complicated legal matters in going up against a truck company while you focus on healing.

What Causes Orange County Truck Accidents?

If you have the right to bring a third-party truck accident claim, you will need to determine the cause of your collision. This will give you the identity of the person who is liable for your damages. Most trucking accident cases name the trucking company as the defendant, either for the company’s own negligence or that of its drivers. Our attorneys at Fiedler Deutsch, LLP can help you determine the defendant in your case by examining the cause of the crash.

Common causes include:

Truck driver error is a common cause of truck crashes in Orange County and throughout New York. Broken federal and state laws can easily contribute to vehicle collisions. If you believe someone could have prevented your truck accident through due care, but negligently failed to do so, contact us about a potential truck accident lawsuit.

How to Handle a Truck Accident Claim

If you are in a truck wreck in Orange County, stay where you are and call the police. Obtain the truck driver’s name, the truck number, license plate number and a description of the vehicle. Gather the names and contact numbers of eyewitnesses, as well. Take photographs of the damaged vehicles and the scene of the car accident. Talk to the police about what you believe happened, but do not admit fault. Go to the hospital for immediate medical care. When you are ready, file an initial report with the truck driver’s insurance company. Then, contact a truck accident lawyer.

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