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Orange County Premises Liability Lawyer

If you have an injury from a slip and fall or another property-related accident, the owner of the property may owe you financial compensation for your damages. At Fiedler Deutsch, LLP, we represent clients during premises liability claims and lawsuits in Orange County, New York, and help them recover for their injuries and losses. Contact us online or call (914) 993-0393 for a free consultation with our attorneys today.

Why Hire Fiedler Deutsch, LLP?

When to Call a Lawyer

A premises liability lawyer can help you protect your rights as an injured accident victim in Orange County, New York. Your lawyer will understand the law and how to deal with insurance claim negotiations on your behalf. You can trust your lawyer to take care of legal matters for you while you concentrate on recuperating from your serious injuries.

Common Property-Related Accidents and Injuries

A property in Orange County can contain many defects that cause injuries. At Fiedler Deutsch, LLP, we represent clients during all types of premises liability claims. Our attorneys can help if you were injured in a slip and fall accident, swimming pool accident, dog attack, structural collapse, elevator or escalator accident, fire, flood or due to negligent security. Contact us if you believe you have grounds for a case after any type of accident on someone else’s property. We can review your accident, answer your questions and let you know how we can help.

How Does Premises Liability Law Work?

Property owners have a duty of care to lawful visitors. They must inspect their properties for hazards or defects, repair known issues, and warn of other hazards known to be on the property. If a property owner is negligent in completing these duties and someone suffers an injury as a result, the property owner will be legally responsible for the victim’s damages. In general, you or your lawyer must prove four main elements to have a valid premises liability claim:

  1. You were on the property: New York law applies equally if your were there lawfully or if you were a trespasser.
  2. The property owner breached a duty of care to you: The owner of the property must have had a legal responsibility to keep you reasonably safe.
  3. The breach of duty caused your accident and injury: The property owner’s breach of duty must be the proximate cause of your injury.
  4. Damages: You must have compensable damages from your property-related accident, such as personal injuries, medical bills, property damages, or lost wages.

If you or your lawyer can collect enough evidence to prove these four elements as more likely to be true than not true, the property owner will have to pay for your economic and non-economic damages. A compensatory award could reimburse you for both past and future losses.

Contact Us for a Free Premises Liability Consultation in Orange County

If you or someone you love has injuries from a premises liability accident, contact our attorneys at Fiedler Deutsch, LLP. Working with the right premises liability lawyer in Orange County makes all the difference, and can help you prove liability and collect maximum compensation for your injuries. Call (914) 993-0393 to request a free consultation in Orange County, New York today. We will listen to your story, and explain your rights.