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Construction is the most dangerous industry, responsible for more than a thousand worker deaths in 2018 alone. Construction poses many dangers for workers and bystanders, including heavy machinery and equipment. Most construction site accidents are preventable if a construction site manager abides by the industry’s best practices. When managers and workers are negligent, however, accidents and injuries happen. If you or a loved one has a serious injury from a construction accident in Orange County, New York, contact our local lawyers at Fiedler Deutsch, LLP for a free consultation.

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Facts About Construction Accidents in New York

According to national statistics, construction takes more lives than any other private industry each year. Disasters at construction sites can cause injuries such as bone fractures, concussions, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, soft-tissue injuries, burns and lacerations.

Common construction accidents include:

Within construction, four main accidents cause the majority share of fatalities: falls, struck-by objects, electrocutions, and caught-in/between objects and equipment. If it were not for these “Fatal Four,” 591 additional construction workers would survive every year. These and other construction accidents are almost always preventable. They occur when one or more parties are negligent or careless.

How We Can Help Your Construction Accidents Case

If someone else’s negligence caused your construction site injury or the death of a loved one, protect your legal rights with assistance from the attorneys at Fiedler Deutsch, LLP. We have helped individuals and families in OC during personal injury claims for years. We will work hard to bring an at-fault party to justice, whether it is your employer, a construction site manager, a property owner, an equipment manufacturer or another party. We can take care of legal matters on your behalf, including:

Hiring a personal injury lawyer could change the outcome of your construction injury claim in Orange County. Your lawyer will understand the insurance process and common tactics companies use to lowball claimants, and will not resolve your claim for less than you deserve. You can trust your attorney at Fiedler Deutsch, LLP to take care of difficult processes and negotiations for you while you focus on recovering. A successful claim could end in payment for your medical bills, property damage repairs, lost wages, pain and suffering, legal fees, and other damages.

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You have rights as the injured victim of a construction accident in New York. Whether you were working at the time of the accident or you were driving or walking through a dangerous construction zone, you may be able to hold someone responsible for your accident and injuries, with the help of our attorneys.

Reach out to Fiedler Deutsch, LLP to find out whether you have a claim, as well as how much it may be worth, after a construction site accident in Orange County, New York. We offer free initial consultations, so clients can discover their rights at no financial risk or obligation. Contact us online or call (914) 993-0393 anytime.