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Lack of Safety Training on Construction Sites

While it is true that construction is a more dangerous industry than others, many construction site accidents and injuries are preventable. One of the most important steps an employer can take for his or her workers is providing adequate safety training. If you believe a lack of safety training is why your injuries occurred, contact Fiedler Deutsch, LLP for a free legal consultation. Our construction accident attorneys in New York are passionate about helping you recover the compensation you need and deserve.

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Who Is Responsible for Your Injury?

Safety training is critical for workers with dangerous jobs, such as jobs in construction. The construction and industrial sectors contain a host of serious injury and illness risks. Some common examples are crane accidents, forklift accidents, falling objects, electrocutions, equipment accidents, scaffolding accidents, truck collisions, ladder falls and elevator shaft disasters. With proper training, employees can mitigate job-related risks and avoid serious accidents.

It is always better to prevent a construction accident than to try to recover from one. Safety training is the most important tool in accident prevention. Studies by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have proven that job-related safety training reduces injuries and deaths in the construction industry. It is up to a construction company and its leaders, including site managers, to prioritize human lives over profitability. Employers should protect workers and independent contractors through adequate training programs and protocols. Proper training in how to work from heights, for example, could prevent a deadly fall accident.

If you believe you did not receive the worker training that was necessary to avoid an accident or injury at a jobsite in New York, your employer may be liable for a lack of safety training in an attempt to save time or money. As an injured victim, you may have grounds to file a civil claim against your employer for negligently failing to provide the necessary training. A successful claim could reimburse you for many related losses.

Compensation Available in New York

At Fiedler Deutsch, LLP, we know that financial compensation is not everything. We recognize the many economic and noneconomic challenges you face as a victim of a serious construction accident. You may have a permanent injury that prevents you from ever being able to return to work. You may also be dealing with significant physical pain and suffering, as well as emotional distress, on a daily basis.

Our attorneys represent clients not only to obtain them maximum compensation but to help them achieve justice and closure after preventable accidents. That being said, we also recognize the importance of being able to pay for your medical expenses and bills – especially if a permanent disability gives you lifelong health care requirements. A successful claim in New York could provide you with compensation for your past and future medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, legal fees, out-of-pocket costs, lost quality of life, punitive damages, and more.

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