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Building construction often involves elevators. Installing new elevators and repairing existing elevators both pose serious injury risks to workers. A worker or site visitor around the area could be at risk of falling down the empty elevator shaft and suffering deadly injuries. Even a low fall could cause a catastrophic injury such as a spinal cord injury and paralysis. If you have a serious injury from an unsafe elevator or a fall down an elevator shaft, contact Fiedler Deutsch, LLP to request a free consultation in New York. We are here to help you recover, while holding the right person accountable.

What Makes Fiedler Deutsch, LLP the Right Choice?

How Can an Elevator Injury Lawyer Help You?

Elevator accident cases in the construction industry involve many confusing laws. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), for example, has dozens of laws regarding the safe construction of elevators. If you are injured, it will be up to you or your attorney to navigate these laws in a way that will protect your rights as an accident victim. An attorney can assist you in your claim in many important ways.

If you were on the fence about hiring an attorney after an injury from an unsafe elevator or shaft, discuss whether hiring one would be in your best interests. The attorneys at Fiedler Deutsch, LLP can review the details of your case in detail during a free consultation in New York. We can come to you if your injuries prevent you from coming to us.

Why Do Elevators and Shaft Accidents Occur in New York?

Our personal injury lawyers know that most elevator and shaft accidents are preventable. We have years of experience handling construction accident claims of all types. As your attorneys, one of our first tasks will be to investigate your accident and determine why it occurred. Some common causes include:

In many elevator accident cases, an employer or worker failed to follow a safety procedure, and this is what led to the injury. This could place liability with the construction company. In other cases, a piece of elevator equipment proves to be defective, placing liability with the manufacturer.

Discuss Your Elevator Injury With an Attorney Today

The lawyers at Fiedler Deutsch, LLP are here for you in your time of need. If you or a loved one has serious injuries from an unsafe elevator accident or a fall down an elevator shaft at a construction site, contact us for a free consultation. We will find out who is accountable for your injuries, and help you receive the financial compensation you deserve. We will help you protect your rights during an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit in New York. Contact our local lawyers today at (914) 993-0393.