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The Evidence You Need in Westchester County Car Accident Cases


After a car accident in Westchester County, certain pieces of evidence will be significantly important when filing an insurance claim. The types of evidence you need to preserve vary in form and help protect your right to compensation. Here are the kinds of evidence that can help you build a solid case:

Photo and Video Evidence

If you physically can, and you are not immediately transported to the hospital, take pictures and/or capture video footage of the following: 

  • The damage to all cars involved 
  • Final position of the vehicles after the collision
  • Property damage to the surrounding area
  • Road conditions
  • Weather conditions
  • Skid marks
  • Road signs and/or traffic lights 
  • Your injuries

Be sure the photos or videos are taken from different angles and at varying distances. Having this type of evidence can help corroborate your version of how the accident was caused. These photos or videos can also contain clues about fault by showing the direction from which your vehicle was struck, the speed of the oncoming vehicle(s), and the distance to a traffic sign or signal. Whereas debris or vehicle parts, such as brake lines or shredded tires, can indicate whether a vehicle or part defect contributed to the crash. The top priority is your health, so if you are taken to a hospital, you can ask someone or hire an attorney to collect evidence at the scene for you.

Police Report

Calling the police to come to the scene of a car accident in Westchester County can be vital to proving fault. A police report will be created that provides an official record of the accident and will contain details of their investigation. The officer will note the facts and their opinion on how the accident occurred and who was to blame. A diagram of the scene may also be drawn. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, the officer may also arrest a driver or ticket them if there was a moving violation. 

Witness Statements

If there were any witnesses to the crash, their honest accounts of exactly what they saw can demonstrate your lack of fault to an insurance company or the court. Ask them for a recorded statement which you can take on your phone, or if they can write it down. Be sure to ask for their contact information since the insurance company and your attorney will likely wish to speak to them in the future. 

Medical Records

Medical documentation on your injuries caused by the accident, as well as how your life has been impacted, is critical to proving a link between the crash and your injuries as their extent. Continuing ongoing treatment and following the advice of your doctor is also vital evidence. Physicians keep notes and detailed records of visits and your treatment plan, which can all be used to demonstrate the amount of compensation you require for future care. 

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