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Understanding Proximate & Superseding Causes in Personal Injury Cases


The success of a personal injury case hinges on a plaintiff’s (victim’s) ability to prove another party’s negligence was responsible for their accident. Part of proving negligence requires understanding the roles of proximate and superseding causes.   How Proximate Cause Affects a Personal Injury Case  A jury will only award damages when a defendant’s (at-fault party’s)… read more

Maritime Case Settled for $500,000


Fiedler Deutsch, LLP settled a Maritime case against a well known boat operator. Our client was injured when she tripped and fell on a chord that was dangerously laid across a deck of a party boat. We sued the boats owner in New York State Supreme Court alleging negligence. The owner of the boat started… read more

Pedestrian Knockdown Case Settled for $250,000


Fiedler Deutsch partner Adam Deutsch settled a pedestrian knockdown case for $250,000. Our client was crossing a Brooklyn street when she was struck by a vehicle making a left turn. As a result she sustained multiple herniated discs that prevented her from participating in her usual activities of daily living. Even despite the Covid-19 slowdown… read more

Compensation for Emotional Distress in a Car Accident Case


Emotional distress caused by a car accident can at times be worse and longer-lasting than a physical injury. In some cases, victims are entitled to compensation for emotional distress. However, this type of loss cannot be easily quantified, making it more challenging to prove.  What is Emotional Distress?  Emotional distress is defined as mental suffering… read more

Mistakes to Avoid in a Westchester County Personal Injury Claim


Navigating a Westchester County personal injury claim can be complex, and there are many possible mistakes that can wind up delaying or costing you your claim altogether. Some of the most common include the following.  Failing to Seek Medical Treatment Seeing a doctor as soon as possible following a personal injury accident is critical to… read more