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Recent Settlements of $450,000, $1.5 Million, $1.6 Million

After obtaining a jury trial verdict in Suffolk County last month, Fiedler Deutsch, LLP continued our winning ways this month.

$450,000 Settlement: After nearly two years of litigation and midway through a jury trial in Rockland County Supreme Court, we settled our client’s case for $450,000. Our client had a hip replacement done by a prominent Rockland County orthopedist. Unfortunately, the implant was put in incorrectly causing severe problems and ultimately the need for a revision surgery. The doctor had never settled or lost a malpractice case before. However, after nearly two weeks of trial with us he offered a settlement.

$1.5 Million Settlement: Our client, a teenager in Suffolk County, was prescribed Accutane for the treatment of acne. He suffered a rare side effect. His dermatologist didn’t properly recognize the side effect or properly treat it leaving our client with significant permanent lifelong scarring.

$1.6 Million Settlement: After jury selection in Putnam County, we were able to resolve our client’s medical malpractice claim. Our client went to the hospital complaining of significant back pain, with numbness down her extremities and into her groin. The doctors did an MRI which revealed a significant herniated disc that was pressing on her cauda equina, the lower portion of the spinal cord. Cauda equina compression is a surgical emergency. Unfortunately, the doctor discharged her delaying treatment by three days and causing the numbness to become permanent.

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