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Partner Adam E. Deutsch obtained a $2,200,000.00 jury verdict yesterday against orthopedic surgeon Dr. Richard Pearl. In July of 2016, Dr. Pearl performed a total knee arthroplasty (knee replacement) on our client a then 65-year-old retired transit worker. The client did well for about eight months and then noticed some subluxation, or movement, of his patella (kneecap). He returned to Dr. Pearl who recommended a second surgery called a medial plication and lateral release. Within days of that surgery which occurred on May 31, 2017, our client began making complaints of significant drainage from the wound and wound dehiscence or wound breakdown. Over the next six weeks and four visits with Dr. Pearl, Dr. Pearl ignored the worsening symptoms until it was too late. Dr. Pearl’s failures led a local/superficial infection to progress to become a deep joint prosthetic joint infection. As a result, our client had to have multiple revisions of his total knee replacement over several years. He was left with permanent disabilities. Fantastic result for our client in this difficult liability case.

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